Kyano Stouten



My name is Kyano Stouten and I'm a MBO student. At the moment I study Software Development. My interests are Music Production and Computer Science. A life long dream of mine is to become a professional music producer.

Software Development

It's amazing how software can change the world. The theories behind it are very interesting and it is atonishing to be able to understand it.

Music Production

There is only one thing in the universe that truly makes me complete. It's music!

Music / Sounds

These are the concepts i use to classify my music

Sounds of JCBX

JuiceBox / Hiphop

  • Flow
  • Rap
  • Street

Sounds of Casz

CaszETTE / Pop

  • Ideas
  • The feeling
  • Trendy

Sounds of PLQ

PlaQue / Dance

  • Rythmic
  • High energy
  • dancing


thWRLDS / Other

  • different
  • Harmonize
  • Heart


Art is a way to express ourselves. A true free world

  • All
  • HipHop
  • Pop
  • Dance
  • Other