Sibemaweg 20 | Maastricht, 6224 DC | 06-12345678

About Leeuwlicious

Leeuwlicious is one of the best school cafetarias in Limburg. No hesitation to serve the highest and best quality food/drinks at our place.

We sell a variety of fresh made sandwiches and also snacks. We serve meat and non-vegan products, but we also have an asortment of vegan/vegetarian foods.

One of our favorites is the tuna sandwich. It's healthy, like all of our other sandwiches, because that's what the students need. We also sell a couple less healthy products like chocolate bars or energy drinks, but that's the choice of the student.

Our Team

Martien Meiland "Wat goeeed!!" Yes, yes, that's right Martien Meiland is our host. He serves the food to the students.

Bart Wijenberg Bart is our sous chef and helps Gordon with his dishes. He often gets scolded on by Gordon, but that's unavoidable when you work with him.

Gordon Ramsey You heard it right, Ramsey is our head cook. The students are usually scared by him, that's why we let him work in the kitchen, away from things to judge.