Kyano Stouten

Name: Kyano Stouten

Profile: Software Developer (Student)


Phone: +31 6 21884215



I'm a first year student at the Vista College in Maastricht. I study Software development with a particular pedagogy called CBL. The term is an acronym that stands for 'Challenged Based Learning' . This method allowes us students to experience what it is like to work in a realistic , and professional business.

As a first year student I would say I am very motivated to achieve my goals in this tuition. Learning with CBL is a rather sophisticated process that guides us students into an independence we have likely never adepted before in standard education. This makes Learning dissimilar and interesting.

In my Personal life i like to philosophize and explore disparate ontology. Myself i also try to think in an original, and genuine process to solve problems. I often see people thinking in the same pattern, which i think keeps us from solving realistic problems and evolve as a society. But that's just an ontological statement i like to think about.


These are my educational goals as a student.

Web Design

Web Development

Business management

Responsive Design

Graphic Design

Marketing Services


These are my recent projects.

Challenge 2

Web Development / 15 Oct. 2020

Challenge 3

Web Development / 24 Nov. 2020

Challenge 4

Web Development / 8 Dec. 2020

Challenge 5 / 6 / 7

Web Development / 25 Mar. 2021

Challenge 9

Web Development / 12 Apr. 2021

Music Production

Web Development / 8 Oct. 2021